What Happened After The Voice Note? And An Unexpected Parallel Process That Cemented The Therapy.

So, the last time I was here talking about therapy– rather than how my day-to-day life is on the rocks- I wasn’t in a great place AT ALL. I had written a letter to Anita that I was debating sending it to her as a voice note outlining just how desperate it was all feeling. We were on a therapy break and everything just felt desperate and like the foundations that I thought we had built our relationship on over the last couple of years were not, in fact, rock solid but actually built on sand. It was terrifying and crazy making.

The session before the break I had walked out and it just felt like Anita wasn’t there anymore, didn’t care, you know…all the stuff??! It was bad but things had been escalating for a while. I was tying myself in ever tight knots and feeling more and more distant from A. I longed to be close to her but my protectors were on sentry duty and there was nothing I could do, or A could do, to get round them.

Tbh it’s not surprising. It had felt like Anita and I were stuck spiralling in a never ending rupture that had been triggered when I had got back from holiday in February. Things had been plodding along, I knew what was what, and then suddenly the longer sessions were off the table and outside contact felt dramatically reduced. Looking back now I think that my sense of texts being lack-lustre and not enough was driven by how terribly I took not being able to do 75-minute sessions. Anita was still responsive but the lens I viewed our less frequent interactions through was through about scarcity and abandonment and I literally could not see the wood for the trees.

All at once it felt like Anita had withdrawn – taken herself away from me, or worse, taken herself away from the young parts who need her so badly. She insisted that her need to step back was nothing to do with me and all about her life (which has shifted dramatically), and how she needed to reconfigure things to be able to give anything at all. Adult me could hear it but the child parts were devastated.  

I mean to have the sense of someone being so close to you, so connected, so safe and then to be hit with that all too familiar feeling of being pushed away is hard. But it’s especially difficult for those of us with childhood trauma and attachment issues. It felt like a re-enactment, yet again here is a mum who is too busy for me, I am not ‘important enough’ to make time for, I just have to fit it with what’s available. And I get that – I am a client after all, Anita’s job, but the young parts that were affected, the parts of me that need the therapy, don’t see Anita as just a therapist, they see her as the caregiver, the attachment figure… they see her as mum and it was heartbreaking.

And so, unsurprisingly, being flung back headfirst into the motherwound I had a long long long meltdown about it. Every time I thought I was rounding a corner and getting my feet back on the ground, something would trigger me and it all went to shit again. It was like climbing up a hill, nearing the top, and then losing my footing and rolling right back down to the bottom again.

There was a lot of silence and tension. Lots of feeling like Anita ‘wasn’t there’, ‘didn’t care’, was ‘rejecting’ me and FUCK it was uncomfortable (understatement) for both of us. I felt she was pushing me away she felt I was pushing her away…it was utterly horrific. There was a lot of testing. And pushing. And withdrawal. And dissociation. Desperation. Tears. Walking out the sessions!! (ffs RB!)… Oh, look I don’t need to explain to you guys, you know the drill!!

So, when I wrote that letter it was from a place of feeling completely at sea, not waving but drowning, and like I was losing Anita…or had already lost her.

And I so hadn’t.


But I just couldn’t feel it.

I couldn’t feel her. And that feeling of disconnect feels like annihilation to the young parts.

Throughout all this time, Anita has remained steady and present. I’ve just looked back over messages from this time and honestly, she really bloody dug deep and tried to show me she was there I just couldn’t see it – as I said, I couldn’t feel it, I couldn’t take her love and reassurance in because my armour was keeping her out. My teens were locking everything down and couldn’t trust or be vulnerable because they felt so hurt.

It wasn’t ideal, and I am not sure it was helpful for Anita to tell me this, but her supervisor had mentioned that with Anita’s change in schedule and how badly I was reacting to it that maybe she should refer me out to someone who could give me all of what I need. This set the cat among the pigeons in a massive way. Anita told me that she didn’t want to do that, that she hoped that she could be enough for me, that she loved me, but that if she wasn’t enough then we had to look after me and do what was best for me because this is my therapy and not about her or her needs. I remember crying and whimpering into her chest “I don’t want anyone else” and her holding me tightly and saying, “I don’t want you to have anyone else, but I don’t want you to be hurt if I can’t give you all that you need, I need to look after you.”   

It probably sounds like a complete shitshow these last few months and it’s felt it!- but oh my god it has also been so fucking human, so real, and so intimate. Like we really have gone deep into the trenches – face first into the shit together – and somehow come out the other side. And dare I say it, there’s been healing in it all…but it’s been hard won.

The stuff with the supervisor really wobbled me but it was also a moment where I took stock and thought, what the actual fuck am I doing here?! (working through a lot of triggered trauma obv!) Am I really going to let Anita go because she can’t do the odd extra 15 minutes in a session every now and then and isn’t texting quite so frequently (but still very regularly)    ? How many therapists out there give anything like what Anita gives me? Two sessions a week at a massively discounted rate, outside contact, touch, presents for the young parts, washing elephant so it smells right, reading stories…and ALL the other things… and I think I’d find the answer is NOONE.

When I was able to take a slight step out of the feeling of being abandoned and triggered, get a little bit of Adult online, I realised that Anita is the person I want to work through this with. It takes a long time to get to the point where the shit comes to the surface and all the mess is laid bare. I could go to another therapist and eventually these same triggers would come up again and would need working through. I don’t want that… and actually… I don’t need that. I want and need A.

During this period since February I have had a no holds barred fuck off meltdown on and off on repeat. I mean it was VERY bad. Part of me (probably the Teen) felt like I was going to be got rid of because I was reacting to the changes strongly and having a full-on wobbler even though that is not ever what Anita had said. I was so angry that the supervisor seemed to be saying that I should be moved on and not taking into account how fucking damaging this would be given what happened with Em and how much time A and I have had building trust and the relationship.

Anita totally got it and fought hard for me I think, she said that her supervisor is there to discuss thing with but can’t tell her what to do, and that after twenty years as a therapist she can make her own choices and work with what is best for the client. I told her just how awful being referred on would be and what message that would send to the young parts. Anita was very clear that she wasn’t trying to get rid of me, wanted to work with me, thinks we can do this work but that I need to do what’s right for me and if that means finding someone else then she’d support me in that. But in that moment, snuggled into her and feeling both seen and held in the pain of it all there was absolutely no way I was going anywhere.

After that emotional session where we’d finally reconnected really powerfully after weeks of distance I messaged her with a picture of a rabbit:

You have been, and will always be, my rabbit that listens. I don’t want anyone else. I don’t want to replace you – because it’s simply NOT possible to replace you! – that’s not how this works and anyone that thinks otherwise really doesn’t understand deep attachment work. I know it’s not been easy lately and it’s been really messy (total carnage!)  but then relationships aren’t easy – and I think this is the work. I genuinely think we can come through this – because from my side (at least) the love is there (soooo much) and I hope we’ve done enough foundation building so far to be able to survive big earthquakes. I just need a lot of handholding whilst I learn to stand up in the wobble. A you are so important to me and the reason I have lost my shit so badly is because this relationship matters such a lot to me. I love you x

And so, we have carried on working through bits and hitting more landmines on repeat…and somehow it is nearly July!

Anita couldn’t always reach me over this long drawn out rupture, but she has really tried. And that is one of the benefits of the messages and of having recordings of the sessions. Sometimes I was so triggered and so dissociated that I really and truly believed that Anita had abandoned me in the room, that she had given up, that she was happy to let me suffer (hence the running out of the session before her break and losing my shit). But when I have listened back to the sessions –  there was lots of silence (mine)- but I could hear Anita trying so hard to break through and reach me. So often she’d ask if I wanted a hug – of course I did. But I responded with a venomous ‘NO’ and refused to look at her and so returned to feeling trapped in my own misery.

Anita and I definitely need to find a strategy when things are like that because of course she has to respect my ‘no’ even if that ‘no’ is only from a protector and the rest of the rabble inside is wailing ‘yes’ and wanting to be held close but we do have these conversations – we can talk about the hard stuff. It’s such a huge contrast to sitting in agony with Em and just feeling chronically abandoned always.

So, it’s nearly 2000 words in and here we get to the bit with ‘what happened next?’ I am clearly not good with the economy of words. Lol!

After so many of you guys coming forward with supportive comments to the feelings spurge I had written, I felt so much better than I had done. Honestly, this space has been such a lifeline over the years, and you really are fab cheerleaders 😊. So, later in the week I sat down and recorded the letter as a voice note for Anita…all 27 minutes of it! The voice note is so helpful as there is no way A would get through reading that with her dyslexia and hearing it, I think, connects us in a different way. She can hear my voice and the feeling behind what I am saying.

I waited until the Friday to send the voice note as A was on holiday- not away- but not in work mode and I knew she needed time out as she’s been so stretched and . I didn’t expect A to reply before our session but she sent a holding message on the Friday and Saturday and Sunday:

I felt worried and anxious about how she might respond but she was fine. She’d really listened to the message and this was demonstrated through a reassuring message on the Sunday of a photograph she’d taken of where she had gone away for the weekend. Since then things have been much more settled. There’s been contact between sessions (probably the same as it’s been since February!) but how I am reading it is so different. I feel like Anita is there again…or… I am connected again. Whatever it is, it feels much better.

So much of what has happened has been my processing and my trauma responses flaring in a big way. Because my life has been so up in the air I’ve felt like Anita and I weren’t safe too. But we are. She has been so lovely these last couple of weeks since the puppy died and when I can let myself be present and connected with her I see that nothing is wrong, nothing has changed, and I have a rock in A.

Don’t get me wrong, I know this will all go up in flames again shortly – as we hit another trigger point but what I can see is that Anita isn’t going anywhere. She is in it for the long haul and will be there alongside me even if I won’t let her in, waiting until I can.

So I’ve come up for air and am not drowning as we speak!

I have other things to write about – I’ve experienced somewhat of a parallel process with what’s happened in my therapy and what happened with my friend ending our friendship. It’s interesting how things play out and give you a different understanding and perspective. Because of what’s just happened with my friend I feel a different level of compassion for Anita’s situation now. All the times she’s told me that she is trying hard to make it so that she can be as good a therapist as she can, but that her life has changed and that’s meant there’s some things she can’t do, have left me feeling rejected and abandoned and like she doesn’t really care.

No matter how many times she has said her feelings for me haven’t changed, it’s her situation that has changed, I have struggled against it with a voice saying “if I really mattered then she’d make the time”. But then a similar thing has happened with my friend. I am not able to be as present or available as I once was but have been trying my best with the time that I have but ultimately my family have to come first right now.

I can see that can be read as not giving adequate time and care to nourish the relationship, though. And what I can offer isn’t enough. But losing a friend when my feelings never changed, my love and care are still as strong as they ever were – well it’s gutting, really. But then I guess that is life. Relationships are complex because there are two people in them and people have different needs and expectations of what they want and need in a relationship. I decided to stay with A because even though I get ‘less’ than I perhaps used to, what I do get is so valuable to me. Other people would make different choices, I’m sure.

But losing a friend has given me a weird kind of security in my relationship with A. I know I love my friend – I always will. Even if we are not connected anymore I am grateful for the time we did have and will always hold that dear. So even though I am busy I know my feelings didn’t change and therefore I know that A loves me even though her life has changed beyond recognition. I feel it.

Anyway, time to teach! Whoop!

Love to you all.  x

16 thoughts on “What Happened After The Voice Note? And An Unexpected Parallel Process That Cemented The Therapy.

  1. SunsetCherryBlossom June 29, 2022 / 1:58 pm

    Hey…sending over cookie dough Ben and Jerrys….
    I know it’s been such a long process but so glad things are clearer for you now, you’ve worked though so much but yes, you have an absolute gem with Anita and most importantly, she’s YOUR gem. 😊

    Liked by 4 people

    • rubberbandsandchewinggum June 29, 2022 / 2:00 pm

      Much appreciated. Is there any chocolate or toffee sauce I can put on too?! Anita has been so lovely. Today I said I felt like I’d been hijacked by an orphanage and she sent me a hug. That’s the gold.

      Liked by 2 people

      • SunsetCherryBlossom June 29, 2022 / 2:02 pm

        *passes the hot fudge sauce 😊
        That’s wonderful. I understand, so many small parts wanting attention right now. Sending McFlurries for them!

        Liked by 3 people

  2. SH June 29, 2022 / 4:31 pm

    Hugs to all of you who might want some! I’m really you sent the voice note and that Anita and you are mending things. Sad about your friendship ending.

    What you said about the friendship ending is thought provoking. I remember feeling exhausted and burned out due to having fled my family and developing full blown C-PTSD and low key chronic muscle pain. I lost a friend partly due to that (the other part was my fault, i pull away hugely when badly triggered), I really couldn’t be as connected and attentive for them like I had been previously.

    Liked by 2 people

    • rubberbandsandchewinggum June 29, 2022 / 5:09 pm

      Yeah – it’s understandable, though. Sometimes you have to pull back because you are conserving the little you have to keep yourself afloat. And if the friendship was valuable they’d have given you the benefit of the doubt and realised you couldn’t give quite so much at that time and maybe try and support you. I think in therapy we get so used to having our needs met that we can sometimes apply that standard out in the real world. This is not realistic in friendships. Sometimes people just aren’t meant to stay in our lives. That’s ok x

      Liked by 2 people

      • SH June 30, 2022 / 4:53 am

        Hugs ❤️. Mhm, with that person, I knew they were exhausted too with their life, and they were living under Trump (12 hour timezone difference), so I tried not to seek support. But it looked like a huge withdrawal from me. I remember being *extremely* sleep deprived, and I tried hard to meet their feelings of neglect.

        Since they said I never initiate conversations (I’m like this everywhere though?), I set up twice a day daily reminders to initiate. I still couldn’t, so it was a negative spiral where I felt nothing I did was enough. Definitely some resentment (surfaced later, was never expressed to the person) when I look back, about how they didn’t seem to appreciate how I was there for many major events like their suicidality, and how I myself had a lot less professional support than them but it wasn’t acknowledged.

        Liked by 2 people

      • rubberbandsandchewinggum June 30, 2022 / 9:42 am

        I think it’s very hard all round. Relationships are tough but I think this is especially so when there are mental health issues on both sides of the relationship. We all have different ways of relating and patterns. I don’t think any of us sets out to hurt each other but it can get messy for sure. I think what I have learnt over the years is to try and be thankful for what there was and accept that not everything lasts for forever. No one is perfect. There are so many complex issues and if we had different pressures then maybe we could or would do things differently. I understand how hard it is when you’re on burnout. You can only do so much and we all have our limits. x

        Liked by 1 person

      • SH July 1, 2022 / 10:18 am



  3. SH June 29, 2022 / 4:58 pm

    I sooo want to quote some of your words to my therapist, really. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Q June 30, 2022 / 6:59 am

    What an effing rollercoaster attachment work is! You are amazing, to work so deep and to persist in spite of the pain. I admire you and learn a lot from your posts, so thank you for sharing this.

    Maybe you should bookmark this post and come back to it in the future if/when you run into a time when you fear Anita is pulling away??

    Be good to all your parts! xxoo

    Liked by 3 people

    • rubberbandsandchewinggum June 30, 2022 / 9:47 am

      Ha it really is, isn’t it?! I don’t like rollercoasters…! Thank you for your endless kind words of support. And yes, great idea about the bookmarking. I’m hoping things will feel a little more settled with A now. I still feel sad sometimes when things are tough and I want to reach out and ask for a longer session but actually I’m at least aware of why it’s so triggering and so can try and embed the info with the parts that A hasn’t abandoned us, it’s an old wound feeling raw. xx

      Liked by 1 person

    • rubberbandsandchewinggum July 3, 2022 / 8:11 am

      We’ve had some really good sessions lately. Really connected but also useful work. Unfortunately she told me she’s got holidays coming up on Friday and was meant to send me dates but has forgotten so there’s been a bit of teen kick back from that. 😆


      • StartingAgain July 3, 2022 / 8:26 pm

        Oh bollocks. The dreaded holidays. I’m with you on that one and experiencing it myself too. The day after my all-day court case I am due to have my weekly therapy session, but guess what? My therapist is on holiday.


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