About Me:



Mum of two


Animal lover (hoarder!)

Cancer survivor (whoop!)


Long-term therapy goer

I feel like that list has made me really identifiable! All names and places will be changed to respect both mine and my therapist’s privacy and identities.

I’ve suffered with depression and anxiety, and never feeling quite like I fit in or am good enough for pretty much my whole life. I guess this is part and parcel of what comes with childhood attachment trauma and C-PTSD. I only wish I’d known that this was the problem years ago!

I’ve got some pretty crap coping mechanisms at my disposal: I’ve been self-harming and had an eating disorder on and off now for 18 years (wow- that’s depressing!) but I’m determined to make a change and get myself sorted. I’ve had enough of feeling inadequate and so it’s time to start moving on…

This blog will chart my way through the remainder of my therapy with my long-suffering therapist as I journey down the road to healing.



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